Thank you for visiting our website in order to learn more about Canadian South Asians Supporting Independent Living (C-SASIL) and the programs and services we offer. Our small yet dedicated team of volunteers and staff operate our Brampton office located on Central Park drive in the heart of Brampton.

Making difference in the lives of individuals & families with disabilities

Our organization’s activities, services and programs allow isolated individuals, youths and seniors with disabilities to engage with the community to live a healthy and good quality of life. There are many families and individuals with disabilities who were isolated in theirs homes for many years due to lack of proper information, resources and language barriers became independent and contributing members of society after receiving support services from our organization (C-SASIL).

The individuals who were dependent on others are now providing peer support to newcomers and those who acquire disabilities due to sickness or accidents to integrate in the community.

Many parents of children with disabilities who were not taking their kids to community events, temples and public places etc. due to shame and stigma are now participating in community without hesitation after attending our organization’s support groups and disability awareness events.