• Information Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Basic Computer Skills for People with disAbilities and Seniors
  • Settlement
    • We help new immigrants with disabilities to make right choices to settle in a new environment and connect them with proper resources.
  • JORNA (Connecting People)
  • Support Groups
    • Parents of Children with disabilities
    • Friendship Club for People with disabilities
    • Polio Support Group (in partnership with March of Dimes)
    • Bridging the gap (Seniors & Youth with disAbilities) Group


To Assist People with disabilities, we provide all types of services:

  • Assist clients with all types of form/applications (ODSP, Housing, attendant services, funding, accessible transportation etc.)
  • Referrals
  • Supportive Counseling
  • Arrange Recreational Tours
  • Assist clients to get assistive devices (such as wheelchairs, scooters and walkers) and Arrange Assessments
  • Organize disAbility Awareness Events
  • Peer Support – Who endure new disabilities because of accidents and sickness. In addition, we empower them to live life independently after the occurrence of their disability.

Parents Support Group

  • The purpose of this group: to build essential social networks in order to gain more knowledge about parenting children with disabilities.
  • Raising children with disabilities can certainly be a mixture of challenge and joy.
  • This support group is working towards erasing negative stigmas around children with disabilities.
  • Parents have a chance to exchange experiences, stories, and most importantly, to understand the true brilliance of their child with disability.

Friendship Club for Persons with disabilities


  • To give an opportunity for persons with disabilities to meet with people from different cultures and make new friends to share their thoughts, life experiences and their success stories.
  • To give an opportunity for new immigrants with disabilities to make friends and learn from each other’s experiences which will help them to make the transition period of settlement here a lot easier.

Polio Support Group

The Purpose of this group: to educate polio survivors about late effects of polio, post-polio syndromes and provide information about treatments, therapies, researches, new assistive devices and technologies to make polio survivors life easier and live independently with the support services/assistive devices.

Bridging the gap (Seniors & Youth with disAbilities) Group

This program is designed to transfer of knowledge between Senior and Youth with disAbilities, sharing a specific skill like using the computer, smartphone, social media, internet and play games

JORNA (Connecting People)

JORNA in Punjabi literally means “to connect”. This is a program designed to reach out to isolated or lonely seniors and people with disabilities to reconnect them with the society to reduce their isolation. So that they can feel “connected” to society by attending our free support groups and events where they meet and connect with other individuals with disabilities and seniors, so that they can live a more “connected, healthy and accessible” life.

Signature Events

  • Fundraising Dinner (Winter)
  • Abilities Challenge (Summer)
    • The aim of this event is to bringing communities together, in order to participate and raise awareness about disability in the community. The event features a wheelchair race where teams competed against each other to gain a better understanding of barriers that people living with disabilities face in their daily lives.

Objectives of this program

  • Encourage and build self esteem and self confidence
  • Provide a safe space to share personal experiences
  • An opportunity to learn a new skill and gain information